The Forgotten History of the Teddy Bear

History of the Teddy Bear

There are many things in our lives that seem omnipresent – as if they have always been there and they always will be. The Teddy Bear is one of those objects.

We rarely ever stop to think where the legacy of our cultural history began in such objects. Few people know that the inspiration for the Teddy Bear was a career military officer famous for killing animals.

In this short clip, master story teller Paul Harvey reveals who that man was in the forgotten history of the naming of the Teddy Bear.

The History of the Teddy Bear Name

(Click to view: This clip has embedding disabled, so it can only be viewed on Youtube)

“All at once the insanity of killing and the blindness of those who would kill struck him like a lightening bolt.”

Not only is this a beautiful story of the history behind one of our most ubiquitous objects, revealing the subtle tapestry of humanity behind one of the seemingly mundane things in our daily lives, but it also reveals a distinct feature of human understanding.

What causes a man to change his mind?  Often it is something innocent, something pure that suddenly gives him a clarity of thought that banishes all boundaries or objections to an idea. That object of purity can be an innocent child, or a defenseless bear cub, or even plain scientific facts.  The purity and simplicity of a thing can wipe away all doubt of its truth.

teddy bear name

Most of the ideas shouted at us from media outlets (and from the commercials that pay for them) are heavily biased and are in fact not designed to teach us anything at all, but to arouse emotions within us in order to reinforce a particular cultural perspective: life is dangerous, candy makes you happy, you have to see this movie, taxes are bad, and clothing makes you attractive.

Every once in a while, however, something cuts through all of the cultural propaganda and touches the bare truth of reality. For Teddy Roosevelt, it was this: Killing a defenseless creature is always wrong.

history of the teddy bear

We often call this enlightenment.

Here is hoping that you will follow Teddy’s lead and enlighten your own mind with pure facts, and find true understanding on this University we call Earth.

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