How Drinking Sewage Water Can Save Millions of Lives

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In the Hierarchy of Needs proposed by Maslow, the most essential to life (other than breathing) is access to clean water.  This is something that we in the industrialized world take for granted, even though our access to clean water could easily be disrupted with disasterous results (After Hurricane Katrina, it took 5 days to get water to the Superdome). For 884 million people on Earth access to clean water is not just a once in a lifetime disaster – it’s an every day problem.

Most solutions to the problem of clean water access address the issue on a large scale, at which point time and money become obstacles to its resolution.  But what if we shrunk the issue down to size and could purify ANY water source with a simple technological innovation that has no moving parts and cleans the water on a molecular level?

Introducing the LIFESAVER BOTTLE

clean drinking water

The Lifesaver Bottle attacks the problem of unclean water with a remarkably simple application of technology and science:

Click PLAY to watch the inventor drink sewage, animal feces, and some other unmentionable things using the Lifesaver.

“Before Lifesaver, the best hand filters were only capable of filtering down to about 200 nanometers. The smallest bacteria is about 200 nanometers. So a 200-nanometer bacteria is going to get through a 200-nanometer hole. The smallest virus, on the other hand, is about 25 nanometers. So that’s definitely going to get through those 200 nanometer holes. Lifesaver pores are 15 nanometers. So nothing is getting through.”

  • Lifesaver bottle lasts for 6,000 liters.
  • It cleans water with a simple pump.  Just scoop up water, pump it a few times, and you have pure drinking water.
  • Failsafe technology shuts off the system when the filter needs replacing.
  • Water can now be delivered directly to people in need, rather than people in need having to travel and congregate in camps to get clean water (which spreads more disease).
  • The entire world can drink clean water for an extraordinarily low price – cost to operate: less than 1 cent per day.

clean drinking water

“With just 8 billion dollars, we can hit the millennium goal’s target of halving the number of people without access to safe drinking water. (To put that into context, The U.K. government spends about 12 billion pounds a year on foreign aid.)”

“With 20 billion dollars, everyone can have access to safe drinking water. So the three-and-a-half billion people that suffer every year as a result, and the two million kids that die every year, will live.” 

The Lifesaver Bottle is proof that simple concepts combined with science and technology can solve the biggest problems facing mankind on planet Earth today in cost effective, elegant solutions that empower the individual and simultaneously better society.

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