Transforming Technology (Nanobots, AI & Brain Chips, Oh My!)

Ray Kurzweil, the founder of Singularity University, is probably one of the smartest guys on the planet, so you might want to listen to what he says about the future of technology, because most of what he says (besides the implanted chips thing – I’m not sure how fast THAT’S going to catch on – how about wifi contact lenses instead?) is coming true.  Kurzweil builds mathematical models of technological progress and what he finds is beyond anything we could have imaged just a few years ago.  Our world is changing must faster than we realize.

What do the models of technological progress say about the future of technology?

The curves for technological development are EXPONENTIAL!

How to Change The World

“Information technologies double their capacity, price performance, bandwidth, every year.”

This means that operations that seem like they will take decades (the Human Genome Project) are able to be completed exponentially faster as technology develops.

“Most of the [Genome] project was done in the last few years of the project. It took us 15 years to sequence HIV – we sequenced SARS in 31 days.”

Why does this matter?  (besides really cool video games that we will be able to play!)

How to Change The World

This scale of technology will enable us to solve what seem like unsolvable problems:

“If we could convert .03% of the sunlight that falls on the Earth into energy, we could meet all of our projected needs for 2030.”

“We have the tools for the first time to address the problems of disease and poverty.”

These exponentially progressing technologies will make solar power, disease prevention, and self-sustained living a possibility for everyone on the planet in our lifetime.   (just take a look at the first carbon nanotube electrical circuit!)

How does this fit into the University Earth project of improving life on the planet for everyone?  It is proof that the innovations necessary for a total positive transformation of our daily lives is not only possible, but it is happening even without our direction.

“You would think it would be a very erratic process, and you have a very smooth outcome of this chaotic process… We can’t predict any particular project, but the result of this whole worldwide, chaotic, unpredictable activity of competition and the evolutionary process of technology is very predictable.”

The ideas are here, and the technology is right around the corner that will enable us to live a comfortable lifestyle that impacts the Earth in a POSITIVE way.

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