Happiness is a Surprisingly Simple Choice

Slowing Down Makes You Happy

Many would say that happiness is the greatest achievement of a life well lived.  However, modern research and ancient techniques are coming together to show us that happiness is not as far from our grasp as we once thought. Could happiness come from choices as simple as giving to others, being mindful, and slowing down?

In this video, Carl Honore shares his insights from a year of slowing his life down and found that everything from eating to making love was better in slo-mo.


“Wherever you look, the message, it seems to me, is the same: that less is very often more, that slower is very often better.”

Our world has sped up and gives us more access, more information, and more entertaining stimuli than any one human mind can handle.  We don’t need it.  In fact, all this speed often works against us and our quality of life.

Try this simple test: the next time you eat something sweet, slow down and fully taste every bit of the dessert.  See how much more sweetness, how much more flavor, and how much more pleasure you can get from that one bite.  You may be amazed at the result.

Typically we consume things (like dessert) so fast that we miss most of the pleasure and much of the purpose of it.  We eat food so fast that we are thinking about the next bite before we have finished the previous one.  An obvious side effect is that we consume more than we need of many things, food included.  We lose a good portion of the pleasure that could be provided by things.

How to change the world

Just A Few Things Better In Slo-Mo:

Eating (Slow Food Movement)

Romance (Tantric Sex)

Relationships (Quality Time With Family & Friends)

Culture (The Slow Cities Movement)

Work (Creativity)

Exercise (Full Muscle Contraction)

Breathing (Meditation)

how to change the world

The applications of the slo-mo principal are varied, and though many are personal, many can be applied to social programs to better society as a whole.  Education is one of these.

“There was a case up in Scotland recently where a fee-paying, high-achieving private school banned homework for everyone under the age of 13… And just this last month, the exam results came in, and in math, science, marks went up 20 percent on average last year.”

how to change the world


So take a tip from this innovative thinker and slow your life down in as many meaningful ways as you can.  This is one way that you can change yourself and watch the world change along with you, in slo-mo…

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